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Because of the high number of wildfires and lost homes and commercial buildings, there has been a new focus on creating fire-safe structure design. Fire resistant roofing is one of the most important considerations for protecting Arizona homes and business. We recently put together a guide to the various fire-resistant roofing materials that are available for roofing in the Prescott area and beyond.

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Fire Resistant Roofing Material #1: Asphalt

Asphalt shingles are a conventional roofing product seen on homes everywhere here in the Quad-Cities. While one of the most affordable products, asphalt happens to be an excellent fire-resistant roofing material. In contrast to wood shingles, asphalt shingles can withstand a fire two hours before catching. However, they are the best protection from wildfires.

Fire Resistant Roof Option #2: Clay Tile

Clay tile is another fire-safe choice for some builders and homeowners in North Central Arizona. While providing a unique Mediterranean look, they come with a cost. They are a bit expensive and need to be replaced periodically. That said, they are a great resource for fire protection. Due to their heavy weight, care needs to be taken that a building is structurally sound enough to support them, should the building be aflame.

A person using a pair of hand saws on wood.

Fire Proof Roof #3: Concrete Tile

Concrete tiles, like clay tiles, are non-combustible. They are a great option for cost-effectiveness without compromising durability. Concrete tiles are available in many textures, finishes, shapes, and colors for an elegant look. Regular inspection by a professional for damaged or loose tiles will help a concrete-tile roof retain its outstanding fire resistance.

Fire Proof Roofing Material #4: Slate

Another fire-resistant roofing option that is on the heavier side is slate tile. Like clay and concrete tiles, slate tiles need structural support so they will not collapse the building. They provide the same high threshold of fire resistance as concrete and clay and are very durable, almost indestructible.

A person using a pair of hand saws on wood.

Fire Wise Roofing Material #5: Metal

Metal roofing is a lighter choice, available in a variety of styles and alloys, including steel, stainless steel, copper, and zinc. Lightweight and non-corrosive, metal roofing can be a great option for protection from wildfires.

A person using a pair of hand saws on wood.

Fire Protectant and Eco- Friendly Roofing Material #6: Synthetic

Synthetic roofing shingles feature eco-friendly products like polyurethane. Synthetic shingles are not only economical but provide durability and a high level of protection from flames. Also, Synthetic roofing comes many styles and colors. All in all, this choice is fire-resistant, cost-effective, and extremely versatile.


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