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Top Quality Stucco for Your Exterior

Many homeowners in the Prescott area are learning about stucco and are choosing it for their homes or commercial buildings.

What is Stucco?

Stucco homes stand out from the others in the neighborhood. They may remind you of European villas. We know that it looks elegant, but what is the material made of? It is a plaster-like substance made of sand, cement, lime, and water. In Italian, the word “stucco” means “plaster.” This material has been used for many centuries in both construction and art.

Popular in the Southwest

Stucco’s long tradition, attractive appearance, and durability make it one of the most prevalent products for siding. Some of its textures remind one of adobe, and it is a popular choice in the southwestern United States, including Prescott and the Quad-Cities. It is applied as siding in a vast range of textures and colors and textures. It can be an excellent choice for both exterior and interior applications.

Textures Galore

The characteristic look of texture and finish of stucco is built by several layers. The application can form an appearance of from pitted and rough surface to a look of fine sand. It can be textured very smoothly. In fact, this medium can be mixed with other textured materials and molded in whatever way is desired. Fine artistry with grooves and artistic patterns are possible with stucco.


Stucco has been used from times of ancient history and even today has a lot of benefits and advantages. Here are some:

  • A solid shell for your house.

    When stucco is applied and cured, it creates a continuous shell around a structure. This shell is very durable.

  • Energy efficiency.

    Stucco is energy-efficient because of the total and solid shell it forms. It deflects heart and is resistant to glare, making it popular here in Arizona. It also does a great job shielding the interior of a home from extreme outside temperature changes.

  • Strength.

    It is quite durable and solid compared to plaster. While a hard blow from a rock can damage it, minimal bumps, scratches, and scrapes will not.

Is Stucco Right for Me?

It can be a great option for homeowners in north-central Arizona, but you might find another solution you would prefer. Just call us, and we will come out for a free consultation to help you consider all the options.

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