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Room Additions

A room addition essentially implies you are increasing space to your home. It seems like homeowners in the Prescott area are always increasing their living or workspaces. You can add rooms like a home office, a den, a recreation room, a man cave, and so much more. You can even increase the size of your living room. Our design experts help you with ideas home during our initial consultation.

We Have the Experience!

Designing an arrangement that is practical for your family’s everyday needs assures you happiness for years to come. Years down the road, you don’t want to be left with regrets over rooms that are too small or not fully functional.

What are Your Wishes?

B&M Painting starts with a free consultation for our clients. Our designer will consider your aspirations, plan the space with you, and answer any questions you may have. Whether want to expand your kitchen or add a playroom, our professionals will work with you!

Living Room Additions

Are you looking to add on to your living room? Perhaps you just need to re-partition to create more space for your home theater, bookshelves, or a new sectional. We will do a custom layout to increase your living space.

Kitchen Additions

Kitchens are one of the most common home additions here in the Quad-Cities. That is likely because homeowners want more dining area or room for cooking and storage. Why not redesign your kitchen to be elegant and fun? We have some ideas for you!

Bedroom Additions

Is your family growing? Perhaps you need more space for kids’ toys. Or maybe you have always wanted to expand the size of your master suite. We are the experts in custom bedroom design.

When it comes to room additions, there are many options we can discuss. There are three main ways to add extra living space to your existing home: Building out, building up, or building a free-standing unit entirely separated from the main building.

Add The Extra Room to Your House

Additions are made for a variety of reasons.  We excel at designing and creating:

  • Arizona Room

  • Guest House

  • Office

  • Workshop

  • Art Studio

  • Music Room

  • Anything Else!

Add More Living Space and Value to Your Home

Increased living and working space will not only make life more fun and relaxing, but it also increases the value of your home for the future. And it doesn’t have to cost a mint. We’ll create a customized plan that completely fits your requirements and your budget. Call us at B&M Remodeling!

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