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Fascia, Trim, Molding, and Soffit

We are at your service to repair, replace and install fascia trim, molding, and soffit. We have been serving home and business owners for many years here in the Prescott area.

Focusing On Some Details regarding Fascia Trim, Molding, and Soffit

Your home means much more to you than the total of its components and surfaces. But sometimes it is important to analyze the details. Let’s focus on three in particular: Fascia Trim, Molding, and Soffit.

Let’s Define Some Terms

  • Trim
    On a home, trim refers to the material used to encase, or surround, windows, doors, and other elements.

  • Molding
    The decorative trim used to cover transitions between different surfaces on a home, such as at the intersection of a porch ceiling or wall is called molding.

  • Soffit
    The angled covering (wood board, PVC, or another material) that connects the façade on a building to the fascia or other structure is known as soffit.

  • Fascia
    The board that covers the face or edge of an overhang (like the eaves of a roof) is called fascia (or “fascia trim”). It connects to the soffit and is sometimes defined as “transition trim.”

Still Confused about Fascia, Trim, Molding, and Soffit?

If this all sounds a bit too complex to you, don’t worry. Our professionals will have samples and illustrations to show you how trim, molding, soffit, and fascia all work together to protect your home and enhance its appearance.

Enhance the Appearance of your Home or Commercial Building

Adding creative millwork like trim, molding, soffit, and fascia is a great way to transform the appearance to showcase your unique style. To achieve the very best look for your home or commercial building, installation of trim should be accomplished by a talented local trim contractor like B&W Painting.

Choose From a Vast Selection

Our company, serving the Quad-Cities, is here to help you discover your options and come up with creative ideas. Whether you prefer trendy or classic trim, we have a wide selection of millwork and molding to show you.

Increase the Value of Your Home or Business

Adding interior or exterior trim is one great way to combine variety and elegance to your property. This type of home improvement will not only heighten visual appeal but also increase value.

Let’s Get Started!

At B&W Painting, we can handle any and all types of trimming work, outside and inside. We are the expert trim contractor, taking on small renovations from whole-house remodels. We will help you create the ideal look for your living space. Let’s get started! Call us today for a free consultation.

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