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B&M Remodeling

Cabinets: Refinished or Installed

If you have thinking about refinishing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, they probably need it! Or perhaps you want new cabinets installed. If you live in the Prescott area, B&M Remodeling is company to call.

Experience and Commitment

We work with many general contractors and all kinds of clients, residential and commercial. You want to hire a cabinet finishing contractor who has experience and is committed to getting the project completed in a timely manner. Our many references speak for us.

Cabinet Refinishing

Do your cabinets need a need a new and fresh look, but don’t want to spend the amount of money it would take to buy new ones or re-face them? We are on the cutting edge of cabinet finishing technology. We will update and refresh your kitchen, bathrooms, or any other surface in your home. Then products and processes we use are far superior to those of most cabinet finishers. We take the extra time and do the extra work: and it shows. And the cost is usually far less than all other options.

New Cabinets

If you are thinking of installing new cabinets, we have become well-known for our superb craftsmanship. Through the years, we have achieved admiration because of the impressive outcome of our projects and services. We perform the best job each time because we want to make sure our clients are dazzled by our handiwork. Whether you are a new client or returning to us for more of our services (as are many!), you can rest assured that we perform every task with an eye for perfection.

Workmanship with State-of-the-Art Products

We are fully committed excellence in everything we do. We are fully up to date with the knowledge of all customary and new finishing products. That way, we stay on top in the industry. Our methods are both efficient and effective. We keep a keen focus on products that are completely safe for your family and the environment.

Cabinet Artistry: Old and New

Trends in design change quickly. We stay updated as to what is going on in creative design. We like to blend some of the timeless, the old-fashioned approaches with the newer styles that add some flair. Our artistry and craftsmanship have been important factors in our popularity in the Quad-Cities.

Specialty Painting for Cabinets

Our specialty finishing embraces just about any other kind of painting you imagine. After all, we are B& Painting! We paint exteriors and interiors, stain decks, install epoxy floorings, spray finishes, powder coat, Cerakote, and the list goes on!

A Free Consultation

Just call us, and we will come out to talk about your cabinets and options to make them special. The consultation will be free. We are here for you!

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