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B&M Remodeling

Window Replacement

The installation of new windows can add beauty, energy savings, and security to any home – especially is your older home still has single pane windows. Here in the Prescott area, we are the professionals ready to handle any window replacement project.

Window Replacement

You don’t want to need windows installed more than once. Your investment should last for many years to come. Our windows are thoroughly tested for durability and strength.

Quality Wood Windows

Wood windows are the highest choice for replacement. The class and elegance that wood offers outweighs the newer window options technology has developed. Should you take this route, we will help you to select a perfect fit for your house or commercial building.

Vinyl Windows

Would you prefer easy-care windows don’t need painting and are energy efficient? Vinyl might be for you! Vinyl window prices are unsurpassed in features versus cost. Vinyl windows are tough, enduring, and will save you money on your energy bill.

Aluminum Windows

If you are looking for a product other than wood or vinyl, aluminum windows may be just right for your home, office, or shop. Aluminum windows are come in a number of colors, sizes, and shapes and are also available with custom finishes.

A Free Consultation for Your Next Window Replacement Project

Just call us, and we will come out to talk about your aspirations and help you with ideas. The consultation will be free, and you can be assured that your new windows will exceed your expectations!

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