A brick wall with vines growing on it.

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Building a Terrific Trellis

Like arbors and pergolas, a trellis permit vines and other climbing plants to flourish and cover freestanding constructions with rich greenery. Here in the Prescott area, we provide the best design and installation available.

Do You Like Climbing Flowers and Plants?

If you are looking for climbing flowers in your yard or park, you’ll be delighted with a trellis to support them. A trellis is considered nothing less than a garden hardscape. It does not need to move after it is set in place, but unlike an arbor, a trellis is a flat assemblage of vertical pieces that usually support lattice of some kind. They usually require back support and may lean or run against a supportive wall or a fence.

Beauty to Behold

There is nothing quite so gorgeous as green leaves, vines, brightly colored flowers, and other climbing plants enriching your property, whether in the front yard or out back. Oh, the beauty!

Finely Crafted Trellises

Ourdesigns have developed into different styles and solutions, including a plethora of garden that provide privacy as well as splendor. Our custom designs are fitting for roses grapes, and so much more. Privacy lattices are highly desired here in the open spaces of the Quad-Cities.

Ideas for Your Trellis

Trellises lend themselves toward many styles, configurations, and applications. There are many sizes and shapes of trellises. They can differ significantly in their design, material, and the way they are created. Here are a few ideas:

  • A trellis fence or screen
    What a way to add some privacy and grace to your backyard! It can serve as a shady garden formed by climbing plants trained over wood.

  • A trellis fence with gate
    Why not install something as functional as it is beautiful?

  • A trellis bench
    Enjoy the scent of flowers and a light breeze while reading a good book or working on your laptop.

  • A classic wooden lattice trellis surrounding windows
    Probably one of the most traditional images of a trellis. A square grid around the windows the window with a spectacular display of vines!

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