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B&M Remodeling

Your local specialist for building custom decks.

We are the custom deck experts for your home or business in the Prescott area.

Custom Decks: From Start to Finish

We’ll sit down with you in a free initial consultation, listen to you, and come up with the perfect deck design for your relaxation and recreation. When you hire our complete deck-building services, we take on the job from start to finish. You don’t need to worry about a thing. You can just sit back and relax—and very soon, you’ll be able to sit back and relax on your new, beautiful deck!

With our creative design and skillful hands, we accomplish the complete concept, plan, and construction of all types of decks.

Custom Deck Building and So Much More

We provide not only quality deck building services, but also deck staining, maintenance, and repairs. Also call us for patio and porch construction and every other project related decks.

Custom Desks that Match Your Desires and Needs

Whether for relaxation, recreation, or other outdoor activities, we will quickly get you set up with a great looking and long-lasting deck. We will match your desires and all of your requirements beyond your expectations. Outdoor flooring is becoming more and more and more fashionable, and we at B&M Remodeling are on the cutting edge.

The Longest Life from the Best Materials

The Quad-Cities receive their share of the winter moisture and the summer monsoons. Because outdoor structures are in harm’s way from the often-harsh weather conditions, care needs to be taken as to the materials used. We apply the best materials available for every project, including patio, porch, and roof decks.


It is always easier and less costly to prevent problems than to solve them when they arise. So, if you find some defects on your patio, you should fix those immediately rather than wait until they break and have to be replaced. We specialize in sealing and staining with the best products for exterior lumber. As experts who truly understand outdoor constructions, we recognize:

  • Wood must breathe.

    Stains and coatings not precisely intended for outdoor structures may inhibit the natural process of evaporation. We use stain and sealants that right for the job.

  • Today’s homeowners have become more conscious about environmental matters.

    We are too! We are always thrilled when people are as eco-friendly as we are. Our products protect the environment.

Call Us!

 The professional and friendly staff at B&M remodeling would love to schedule a free consultation. We will gladly discuss the options for a new recreation area or the look and care of any area of your home or business, both the exterior and interior.

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