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New Siding – How to Know If You Need It

How do you know if you need new siding on your home? People in the Prescott area are always asking us that question. The simple answer: It can be hard to tell. However, there are signals, so let’s discuss them.

You May Need New Siding If…

We are all familiar with Jeff Foxworthy’s “You may be a redneck if…” jokes. Let’s have a little fun (well it’s not always fun) to apply this line of thought to the present status of the siding on your home. “You may need new siding if…”

  • You have been noticing damaged or cracking panels recently.

  • Your paint is wearing off.

  • There is a foul smell around your home’s exterior.

  • Your energy bills are getting higher.

  • You notice any deterioration or rotting of the panels.

  • You have water damage, including interior damage.

  • You are planning to sell your home.

If you (or the former owners of your home) have not maintained your siding properly, many problems can occur. Let’s focus on a few of the items above.

Damaged or Cracking Panels

As the years pass, your home is vulnerable to visible damage and cracking. This is often due to storms, especially the monsoons here in the Quad-Cities. We even get a significant amount of hail at times. Damage can come from the UV-rays of Arizona’s sunlight. The injury can come from just the natural cycles of weather through the years. If you start to notice damaged siding on your home, it is obviously time to replace your siding.

Do an Inspection

First search for large cracks or missing chunks on your siding. Then you need to take a closer look, because even the slightest cracks can necessitate substantial repairs. Are there gaps in the siding? These can lead to rotting and even infestation by insects. And even the tiniest cracks invite moisture to settle in. Don’t put it off: You may need your siding replaced.

Think Gutters

You should always keep your gutters clean, and while you’re doing that, continue your inspection. When your gutters get even a little bit clogged, water can leak onto your siding and down your walls. Damage can happen quicker than you may think.

Wearing Paint

As time goes by, exterior paint wears off. This can indicate that new siding is needed or just that a new paint job is needed. The professionals at B&W painting can help you determine what is required, and we expertly do both siding and painting.

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