A patio with furniture and potted plants.

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We Build Gazebos Galore

The gazebo is an enduring structure that displays elegance and offers a charming area for relaxation and protection from the sun here in the Prescott area. Our custom gazebos boast of the finest craftsmanship in the Quad cities and beyond. Often found in gardens, parks, and town squares, these pavilion-like constructions are as functional for any kind of home, outdoor setting.

You Decide

We will create your gazebo as we build a plan together from a wide range of styles, shapes, and materials. Whether you have an octagonal or oblong gazebo in mind, we will customize one to exceed your dreams. You can even select from a wide array of roofing designs to best accent and compliment the ambience of your home and yard. Do you want a bench? A swing? A counter? Our designers will help you with ideas you may not have even thought about.

High Winds? We’ve Got You Covered!

In the Quad-Cities, weather is unpredictable, and high winds are common. We build our gazebos bearing this in mind. We undertake all of our projects giving full attention to excellence in both eye appeal and structural durability. Every plan for every gazebo requires not only great appearance but long-lasting reliability against all harsh weather conditions. The design we draft will resilient against oncoming winds and the hail of the summer monsoons. We employ the toughest materials available to build gazebos capable of withstanding winds well over 100 mph. You can rest assured your special place for relaxation will always be there for you to enjoy.

Gazebo Accents

Custom designs call for custom accents. Your outdoor recreation space cannot be complete without the addition of accessories like built-in benches, mood lighting, and perhaps flower boxes. These items are just the beginning of the possibilities we can create when we work with you. You can even add a relaxing water feature or a cozy fireplace to enjoy during the cooler seasons.

Call Us!

Just call us, and we will come out to talk about your aspirations and help you with ideas for your new gazebo. The consultation will be free, for that or any other project you may have in mind.

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