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Finish Carpentry


Our finish carpentry experts are true craftsmen who demonstrate attention to detail in its highest form. We are proud to serve the Prescott area with the very finest precision finish carpentry.

What Does a Finish Carpenter Do?

Many people are unsure about just what the term “finish carpentry” means. Rough carpenters are the skilled professionals who build the structural components of a home or commercial building. A finish carpenter is a skilled professional that effectively finishes a project. They are the ones who come in last come in last to install the final materials to make the surfaces of your home aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

Examples of Finish Carpentry

Are you looking to have new doors or cabinets installed? How about molding and trim? You would call a finish carpenter.  Here are some of the jobs a finish carpenter typically completes:

  • Trim Installation

    Let’s talk about trim. Trim installation consists of all molding and fascias from the edges of the ceiling all the way down to the edges of the floor. Included is the trim around windows, doorways, etc. Trimming calls for the most time of the majority of finish carpenters. While some trim installation is fairly easy for even a novice, most projects require the expertise and knowledge of a craftsman to tie everything together perfectly.

  • Cabinet Restoration and Installation

    Cabinets are not only place to store your things. They are artistry itself. In fact, the look of your kitchen and bath cabinets are major factors that affect the selling price of a home. If you’re considering the installation of new cabinets or the restoration of your existing cabinet doors,  call the finish-carpentry experts. That would be us! We will not only get those cabinets looking great, but every door will open and close smoothly and quietly.

  • Doors

    Installing doors into a new home with precision can be harder than you may think. And retrofitting windows and doors into older houses can be very complex. A good a finish carpenter will have the dexterity to be able to fit a door into the proper place and fine-tune it, so works smoothly. After all, we don’t want a door that looks great but can’t be opened and closed!

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