A house with a storm coming in from the sky.

A person using a pair of hand saws on wood.A power surge can endanger or destroy any plugged-in device or appliance inside your home. Here in Prescott, the monsoons just about guarantee power interruptions that can include harmful power surges. A sudden electrical surge can follow any wire in your house and wipe out any or all appliances and devices. You may want to consider installing a whole house surge protector.

“It burned out our refrigerator, broke the temperature controls in our oven, fried our computers, and ruined every GFCI plug in the house,†a Prescott Valley resident exclaimed. “It turned into a $14,000 loss!â€

A Whole House Surge Protector Protects you from Lightning and Much More

Lightning from the severe monsoons here in the Quad-Cities is a major cause of power surges. But it is not only lightning that that is the problem. Surges are caused by downed power lines, sudden fluctuations in electricity use in the environment, electrical problems in appliances, or even the multiple use of vacuum cleaners, electric dryers, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other energy-hungry applications.

The Best Protection from Power Surges

The protection you need from an abrupt power surge is not solved by simply plugging your devices or appliances into one of those cheap, multi-outlet surge suppressors. The best protection possible can only be a whole house surge protector that is hard-wired directly into your electrical panel by a licensed electrician.

A Whole House Surge Protector

Would you like protection to withstand severe power surges for many years to come? Whole-house surge protectors are built for that very purpose. They provide protection for all the appliances and devices that receive power from the electrical panel to which they are wired. Whole-house surge protectors are the very best way to keep all your costly appliances and sensitive electronics safe from electrical surge destruction.

How Much Is It Worth to You?

Usually, whole house surge protectors are hard-wired right into your main panel, a task which requires a licensed electrician. The good news is that the job can be accomplished quickly. How much is it worth to you to safeguard every item in your home that uses electricity? Peace of mind will be worth the insurance provided by effective surge protection.

Free Consultation

The experts at B&W Remodeling will provide the right protection against power surges for your home or commercial building. If you need any kind of electrical work or would like a free consultation, call us today at 1-928-636-8281 for a no-cost consultation or end us an email at [email protected].

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