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Preventing and Repairing Roof Damage from Monsoons

The monsoon season is upon us. Here in Prescott, the monsoons can bring some serious strong winds and even large hailstones. How can I prevent roof damage, and what do I do if it happens? In this article, we will consider both how to prevent roof damage and what to do if you need a roof repair.

The Monsoon Months can be Hard on Your Roof

The monsoon season here in the Quad-Cities begins in late June and ends in September. These storms peak in the months of July and August. In these two months Arizona gets half of its yearly rainfall. While your roof already is always subject to severe heat, the harsh monsoon season adds a high level of potential harm to your roof.

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Preventing Monsoon Roof Damage

Obviously, you can’t prevent monsoon storms from happening. However, there are steps you can take to prepare your roof system in advance to prevent excessive damage:

  • Get a roof inspection. You can prevent quite a bit of harm from severe storms by getting a roof inspection. While the best time for this is in the spring, anytime will be . Just make sure it is from a qualified roofing company.
  • Reinforce your roof well in advance. Issues found by an inspector. Even minor problems need to be addressed to prevent major issues from happening. You may prevent damage, not only to your roof, but to your ceilings, walls, furniture, and flooring when an intense storm hits.

A person using a pair of hand saws on wood.

Roof Repair: What Do You Do?

If your roof becomes damaged, whether from the monsoons or anything else, it is imperative that you act quickly. A company like B&M Remodeling can handle any roof repair problems or other parts of your home that may have suffered harm from harsh weather conditions.

Roof Damage Can Be Hidden

When you’re in the middle of a thunderstorm, it is not time to try a DIY roof repair. There is a good chance there is harm that is undetectable to the inexperienced. Every second that your roof remains damaged during a storm, water can invade your home. You might not even realize it until the damage shows up.


When it is Time for a Roof Repair, Call B&W Remodeling!

The experts at B&W Remodeling will be glad to perform a thorough inspection to spot problems before they occur. If the season storms cause any harm, we are here for you! Call us anytime at 1-928-636-8281 for a no-cost consultation or end us an email at [email protected].

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