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What are the emerging trends for kitchen remodeling? Here in Prescott, our professional designers are watching carefully, and we think we have discovered some of the best styles for the present time and for years to come.

Sleek Is In

Homeowners have been looking for ways to create more room or at least creating the appearance of more space. What we have found is that counters, tables, cupboards, and islands that are simple, long, and sleek. The straighter the lines and the cleaner the edges, the more spacious the look.

A person using a pair of hand saws on wood.

When you Remodel Your Kitchen, Simplify Those Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets that are simple and flat make the area look larger and cleaner. Unlike traditional cabinets with a high gloss finish, the new look is matte, and often light, on a completely flat surface.

Do I really Need All These Cabinets?

In place of top cabinets, open shelving can reduce the boredom of typical kitchen cabinets. This type of kitchen remodel also allows the benefit of displaying outstanding decor pieces as well as practical kitchen items.

Broken-Plan Design in Kitchen Remodeling

Knocking down walls has been the conventional way to open up living spaces. The newest trend in kitchen remodeling is to re-define these areas forming what is called broken-plan living. This approach maintains an open feel by employing glass panels, half partitions, or disappearing pocket doors to close spaces up when appropriate.

A kitchen with an island and white cabinets

Islands of Elegance

A kitchen Island is not merely a practical or functional part of a kitchen design. With good planning and design, kitchen islands present an opportunity to stand out and make a statement. A brushed brass panel or a stunning counter of marble can complete the work of art. Make sure an island is a part of your next kitchen remodel.

Your Office in Your Kitchen?

Working at home has transitioned from a short-term to a long-lasting condition. A separate room to use as a home office is not always possible. Why not factor in some quality working space into your kitchen remodel? You can either conceal a desk in a in a freestanding unit that can be closed after work, or plan it as a seamless extension of your kitchen. Use your kitchen counters for work surfaces during the day and food preparation at night—or vice versa.

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