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What Are the New Trends in Prescott Bathroom Remodeling?

This year the bathrooms are getting a high-tech upgrade. The appearance in bathroom remodel in keeping with the new amenities in technology here in Prescott.

New Tech for Ease and Comfort

High tech conveniences for bathrooms have become the order of the day. Over the past couple of years we’ve seen the emergence of automatic sinks, built-in deodorizers, and toilet seat warmers. Now look for a rise in automatic toilet lid openers, mini-fridges, and built-in Bluetooth filter systems!

A bathroom with a large tub and wooden cabinets.

Light and Spacious

Aesthetically, bathrooms have taken a definite turn. This year homeowners are opting for a lighter, sleek look, which causes the bathroom to appear to be more spacious.

Remodel Your Bathroom in Off Whites and Lighter Tones

The new, streamlined appearance of bathrooms takes us into a more calming and pleasant environment, while accentuating the open space that a remodel may bring. Off whites, cream hues, and very light beiges are trending in bathroom décor. For those who like cooler shades, very light blues and greys are a favorite. Homeowners who like to stay with a more traditional look can pick things up with medium shades of light blue or grey trimmed with off whites.

A person using a pair of hand saws on wood.

Larger Windows

Windows (of privacy glass of course) are the new feature designed to make a lavatory look even roomier. If you can install one right in front of a basin it is a plus.

Tiles or No Tiles in Your Bathroom Remodel?

Many folks today have decided to drop the tiles for more spacious-appearing solid walls and floors. Those who want to stay with tiles for their floors, walls, and showers might consider larger tiles that create the effect of open space.

Large Mirrors Are Our Friends

An extra-sized mirror in any room adds the illusion of a larger space and also adds elegance. Simple, unframed, or thinly framed mirrors are a plus.

Streamline is Mighty Fine

The trending bathroom fixtures, like showers, sinks, toilets, and bidets, are sleek and gracefully curved. This streamlined look enhances the overall appeal of a modern bathroom.

We are the Bathroom Remodeling Specialists

One of our specialties is remodeling any room in the home with a creative design that will be both unique and functional. Call us for a free consultation for your remodel!

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